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The Windsor Agency

1616 Texas Avenue, Lubbock, Texas 79401, United States


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Our Speciality

Infidelity Investigations


Marriage and fidelity disputes can be overwhelming. The Windsor Agency can provide you peace of mind during your time of struggle to protect you and your future. The Windsor Agency Investigators are your infidelity experts. We have private investigators that are infidelity specialists.  They have been specifically trained in the field. If you want to know where your spouse or significant other is or what they are up to then call us for the truth.  If there is infidelity going on we will find it.

Child custody Investigations


Our team handles all child support cases with professionalism. Let us assist you to resolve these issues in a timely fashion. Child Custody  is not a simple matter and it’s not exclusive to divorce court. Sometimes our public servants just don’t have the experience, ability, or specialized credentials to give your case the attention it needs. This is where hiring The Windsor Agency as your private investigator can help with your child custody case.

Domestic Cases


Our private investigators are experts in video surveillance. All information acquired via the evidence-gathering techniques we employ, are admissible in court.  Our detectives provide detailed reports and video of subject’s activities. 

About us


Our Commitment

Our Private Investigators in Lubbock, Tx. are committed to providing you with outstanding surveillance services without compromising accuracy and reliability. Our licensed investigators provide courtroom quality evidence and documentation of their investigations to provide seamless evidence. They are extensively trained and updated as to emerging trends and advances in investigative technology to better serve your needs. We provide excellent documentation and expert testimony for any legal proceedings.  Years of personal field experience has made us leaders in criminal and civil investigative work. We offer these services to everyone, including attorneys who engage our services to look for evidence that may help their case. 


Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating? 

Is there a question of Infidelity or Adultery? 

Child custody concerns?   

Drug abuse of partner/spouse?

Do you have a problem with employee theft? 

Do you need help with a workplace investigation? 

Are you concerned about what your teenager is doing? 

Do you want to know what goes on when you are not around?


Are you trying to find a missing defendant or a long lost relative? Perhaps you’re looking for someone who has a huge debt or a tenant trying to skip paying the rent? If your answer to these questions is a huge YES, then a professional investigator is what you need. Although you might spend money on hiring one, you’re actually saving a lot in the process. Finding people on your own might take you a lot of time, which means spending energy and time that you could have allotted for work or business. 

More about what we do


Criminal Investigations

The Windsor Agency offers a wide range of criminal investigation services in Lubbock and the surrounding area. Criminal investigations carried out include:

  • Homicide
  • Burglary
  • Thefts
  • Robbery
  • Extortion 
  • UUMV
  • PCS
  • and other criminal matters

We offer Investigation services to private individuals, law firms, insurance companies, and corporations.

Crimes of this magnitude require licensed investigators with skill that has been developed over years of actual fieldwork and case management.


Civil Investigations

  • A civil trial is a type of court case involving two individual citizens who disagree on an issue that relates to their rights as citizens. For example, if one person sues another for damages caused by a domestic accident, the case will likely be conducted as a civil trial. Civil investigators are responsible for gathering the evidence essential to such a trial.


Divorce Investigations

Are any of these thoughts occupying your time? 

  • Why is my spouse suddenly working so much overtime?
  • My spouse’s routine just changed, and it is requiring a lot of time away from home.
  • Why is my spouse taking phone calls in the other room?
  • Why is my spouse suddenly on the computer all the time, but won’t let me see what he/she is doing?
  • Why have I not seen a cell phone bill in 3 months?
  • I am looking at the cell phone bill, and there are repeated phone calls to a number I don’t recognize.
  • I am looking at our bank/credit card statement, and there are some odd restaurant/hotel charges.
  • My spouse never wants to spend time with me (or the family) anymore.
  • I think my spouse is hiding money and property from me.

No matter where we need to go or who we need to find – we will resolve your needs with any divorce investigation you may require.

Hiring a PI


There are several factors to consider before making the decision to hire a Private Eye in Lubbock, TX. Here are a few that we suggest you consider:

~ Is the Private Detective licensed and insured

It is absolutely imperative that the “private investigator” working  on your case be licensed and have liability insurance. 

~ Before hiring a private investigator request to see a copy of his or her PI License or visit the link below to verify that the investigator has a current / valid license. You can also review any complaints that investigator may have had from consumers. 

~ Ask to see a copy of his or her liability insurance certificate. Every private investigator in Texas should have liability insurance and be readily able to show proof of the certificate to you as a consumer.

~ Ensure your investigator is educated with the law and knows how to keep you and themselves free from any legal liabilities that may arise from malpractice by the professional advice they give.

~ Is your Investigator passionate about their job, or are they taking you on simply for monetary gains. An Investigator is key to solving the most personal of issues. The least they can do is serve wholeheartedly and honestly.

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